When Capote finally fell asleep, the images of the galaxies of black and white guests in masks who are luxuriously relaxing in the beautiful hotel  still circled in his head.”

In 1966  took place BLACK AND WHITE BALL T. Kapote, author of “Breakfast at Tiffany”.
The event of which is composed of legends.

We continued the legend and it was like this: BANKHOTEL 31/12/18. You have chosen the most elegant tuxedo and beautiful dress, completedyour look with a luxurious mask and plunged into the world of beautiful scenery, dance and the fabulous atmosphere of our hotel with history.

Thanks to the guests and the great team:

Organization: “Cloud event” Victoria Biichuk
Host: Andrii Zholob
Show program: cover show-group of the Dzvony Soncia
Light decor: “Faine sviato”
Decor: “Oasis”
Photographer: Roman Daco