ORIENT EXPRESS is a symbol of mystery and glamour, a train that was used by kings and spies. POLAR EXPRESS – a symbol of Christmas miracle. 

We  transformed a 500 sq. m. congress hall into a fantastic dining car of the most luxurious train ever known in history. Our chef explored the gastronomic masterpieces that were served for ORIENT EXPRESS’s guests and  surprised our guests as well. The most charming host Roman Trachuk was responsible for the atmosphere of the miracle. The contemporary music band TVORCHI was  in charge of vocals.  The guys’ performance refreshed the evening with the electronic music rhythms, and a DJ set  ignited the rest of the night.

Sound/lights: Fajne sviato

Host: Roman Trachuk

Headliner: TVORCHI

Animators: Pikan

Decoration: Monocvit