Fitness Equipment


BANKHOTEL ART CONGRESS HALL offers its guests the best relaxation facilities. In the hotel, you will feel as comfortable as possible and you’ll be able to spend time with benefit and pleasure. On the 5th floor of the building, there is a gym with modern fitness equipment. It assembles the latest models of the well-known TECHNOGYM brand.



What fitness equipment lines are presented in BANKHOTEL gym?

Models «cardio»


You’ll be able to enjoy jogging with the utmost natural feel. This is possible due to the surface of the treadmill, which has a shock absorption system. It is also equipped with the latest digital platform –  UNITY 3.0.

It’s very convenient that there are many different modes. You will easily set up the best interval workout for yourself to get the maximum effect from running. With the help of a special Hills program that mimics running across the hills, your body can burn more calories.

Try exercising in Cross Training mode. If you gradually increase the load, you’ll be able to maximize fitness result. Thanks to the Hi-Low Block program, the phases of increased and lowered muscle activity will alternate. The program will also allow you to switch from traction while making restoration efforts.


The machine is considered a professional elliptical model. This is an excellent option for those who like to work out intensely and effectively. It’s important to note that while exercising on a crosstrainer, all body parts are involved.  During the workout, you will easily achieve smooth and synchronous movements. They will reduce the load to a minimum, facilitating the work of the joints. Also, you won’t feel any muscle tension.


Crosstrainer workout is a great solution for those who want to lose weight. It will help you achieve a toned body and maximally coordinated movements.





Be sure to select this model for your workout, if it’s important for you to have a moderate cardio. You’ll be able to exercise with ease and comfort.


This model is considered innovative. It will completely change your approach to exercising and improve your workout style. The stepper is very easy to use: the settings are clear and intuitive.

Essentially, the device includes special workout programs. They are designed to bring you the maximum effect from exercising. Thanks to the programs, even professional athletes will be able to give their 100% during the workout. This is a great opportunity to explore the possibilities of your body and test your endurance.


Models for Stretching


This fitness equipment is designed for the back. It can be used by any person, but it will ideally suit those who need rehabilitation or want to prevent back pain. With the help of this model, you’ll be able to gradually and carefully stretch the right muscles.



This equipment will enable you to easily reduce muscle tension, as well as to stably and actively relax them. Thanks to the FLEHabling trademark equipment, many managed to simplify workouts while maintaining their effectiveness. Models of this brand are used by specialists in the field of rehabilitation, as well as medical physical education.

Multi-use Fitness Equipment

Kinesis® One
The Kinesis®

The model has all the benefits of this trademark. It’s amazing how many features are available in one stand-alone fitness machine. It is great for training during the rehabilitation period. The model will be able to provide a load in three planes of motion.




This model is designed for indoor rowing. SKILLROW is essential for heart and muscle strength exercises. The creators have taken care not only of sporty stylish design but also of exclusive technology. Both are aimed at making workouts as productive as possible.

Choose fitness machines that are best suited for your goals. You can easily combine equipment during your workout to get the maximum effect. If necessary, you can always consult professionals. They will select an individual fitness plan that will be optimal for you.