The charity evening and the silent auction in support of children affected by the war have fulfilled their mission!

💙💛The collected funds in the amount of UAH 150,000 will be donated to help children from Mariupol.

💙💛Sold 16 of 18 paintings and graphics by the famous architect Victor Kudin @kudin_architects.

This charity evening at BANKHOTEL brought together famous representatives of architecture and art, business circles of Ukraine and beyond.

Warm words about the author’s soul, about the content of these paintings were told by: host Yuliya Sinkevych @juliarts, Yevhen Bystryakov, Myron Uhryn and other esteemed guests.

The winners of the silent auction received not only paintings about Lviv, its streets and houses, but a valuable memory of the fateful events that we are all experiencing today. About how our city has changed, but has not lost its warmth, its patriotic spirit and steadfastness.

This war changed everyone. But it has united us and shown the strength of the Ukrainian nation, as every volunteer stands up for Ukraine to restore peace, Ukrainian independence, children’s laughter and a peaceful blue sky.

We will win! Glory to Ukraine!