On the territory of the hotel, we have located a beauty salon BANKHOTEL BEAUTY, which provides the beauty services not only for the hotel guests but for anyone wishing. In the salon, you can also find a comfortable SPA zone, which includes massage services, various SPA programs, steam sauna, as well as a Finnish sauna made by STARPOOL Italy.

Steam sauna (45-48 ºС, 98% humidity) improves wellbeing and is very popular with visitors, because:

  • Due to the steam, the body releases toxins;
  • A special microclimate inside the cabin restores water and mineral balance of the skin, cleanses and moisturizes it;
  • Aroma oils, which evaporate into the cabin with water, transform sauna into an aromatic thermal SPA, which has a positive influence on the respiratory functions of the organism.

Finnish sauna accommodates up to two people in the unique environment, where the traditional bouquet of oaks and non-traditional elements revives the tradition of Finnish sauna:

  • The color of RGB LED panel follows the elegant lines of blades and highlights their shapes and material;
  • Inner oven, which adjoins the crystal or marble wall, adds to the nobility and elegance in the salon;
  • The temperature is up to  90 ° С with a relative humidity of 10-20%


Volodymyr Shewchun – masseur and rehabilitation specialist with 15 years of experience.

– What types of massage do we provide in BANKHOTEL BEAUTY?

  • Wellness massage
  • SPA-rehabilitating massage
  • Body sculpting massage
  • Sport massage
  • Relax massage
  • Face and body care program.

Do you have any advice for a perfectly comfortable massage?

  • Complete all your mundane tasks in your to-do list, turn off your phone, and simply enjoy the massage;
  • Don’t eat any food an hour before and after the procedure;
  • Before the procedure, have a glass of water.

Is it beneficial for your health to go to the sauna after the massage? Absolutely. It is recommended to go to the sauna before and after the massage to maximally benefit from the procedure. Besides, our salon has a special offer at the moment: if you get one massage procedure in our salon, you receive an hour in the sauna of your choice (Finnish or steam) for free. Highly recommend you to use it!

What body signals can be a sign that a person needs a massage?

  • Any discomfort during the movement;
  • Pain in the neck or in the lower back;
  • Discomfort or pain during sleep;
  • Having had head trauma or post-falling;
  • Headache;
  • Fatigue and productivity loss;
  • Problems with concentration;
  • Depressive state.

How do you choose the massage program?
The program is chosen individually in accordance with the needs of an organism. We communicate with the person for the first 4-5 minutes, do a medical checkup, and choose the most suitable type of massage. After the questionnaire, anamnesis, and functions tests, we determine the massage program we will be working with.