The hotel with history welcomes you to the restaurant SAFE, in which the unique hotel’s character is complemented by:

  • the author’s menu from the team of chefs led by chef Dmytro Pirogov;
  • the confectionery studio;
  • the wine list with 270 items;
  • the bar menu with alcohol drinks from all over the world;
  • jazz compositions including those that sounded in Lviv in the early XX century, Roman Zayets helped to find and digitize them.

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Cocktail Menu



Dmitriy Pirogov is a chef at the SAFE restaurant, an expert in sharp knife and a master of all kinds of meat. We interviewed him so that you could get to know more about “the watchmaker” of such a big mechanism as SAFE restaurant

  • What 1 fact should each person know about you?
    I am inflammatory, but I calm down quickly.
  • What way can you save any dish?
    To salt, to pepper, throw away.
  • Three basic rules in the kitchen?
    1. Do not give out what is not edible;
    2. Never lie a chef;
    3. I do not care what you do, as long as the food is flawless.
  •  If not the chef, then who?
    It was a dream to be a professional footballer.
  • What kind of dishes should you try when you come to Lviv?
    When I came to Lviv, I always wanted 2 dishes: dumplings and a bograch. Now in the menu SAFE restaurant there are no dumplings, but there is a bograch.


Salad with shrimps and avocado with nut dressing
210 UAH

Beef tartare
240 UAH

Mille-feuille with banana caramel and nut praline
150 UAH


St. Valentine’s Day
(Festive dinner every year on February 14)
+38 067 317 31 81

Women’s Day. Night in greenery
(Festive dinner every year on March 8)
+38 067 317 31 81

Жива музика
(Fridays and Saturdays)
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