A birthday has special significance for every person and it’s up to each of us to decide how to spend this day, as well as whom to celebrate it with.

So where to celebrate a birthday in Lviv and how to do it is completely your decision, but we will try to provide some interesting ideas on this important matter.

Specialized places are providing solely entertaining services ‒ quest rooms, entertaining centers and clubs, locations where workshops, shows, various performances are held. There are also places designed for a more comfortable and fun birthday party, where you can host this event with a banquet, an entertainment show, as well as the possibility of organizing a cozy relaxation and convenient transfer.

So, when deciding where to go in Lviv for your birthday, you first need to take care of the following nuances:

  • How many guests you plan to invite, their age and gender;
  • What you will be treating your guests with and in what format (picnic, fast food, catering services or a fancy banquet in the restaurant);
  • Do you need an entertainment program featuring presenters, musicians, photographers, magicians and other professionals whose help you could use during a holiday party?
  • What is your budget?
  • Should the holiday venue be located in a certain part of Lviv or outside the city?

Then, based on your decisions, you can consider interesting suggestions as to where and how to celebrate a birthday in Lviv for an adult or a child. These can be excursions, nature walks near the city or in the park, quests, a romantic dinner for two or a banquet for 10 or more guests in the stylish hall of a modern restaurant with original food and nice music.

Top 5 restaurants for a great birthday celebration

If you’ve decided to go for extra convenience and comfort for you, your loved ones, family, children, and friends when considering various birthday party ideas, then we recommend ordering a banquet at the restaurant. The modern five-star European business hotel BANKHOTEL located in the center of the historic part of Lviv is perfect for it.


Why choose this hotel complex for your birthday celebration? There are many advantages, among which are the following:

  • Amazing interiors. The reconstructed building of the Austro-Hungarian Bank attracts attention with its majesty and refined style. Every detail, carefully crafted by professional designers, is put together in a very attractive composition. In the lobby or any other place of the hotel you can always have a photo session, which will then remind you of a good time;
  • Several places to celebrate. It can be a stylish SAFE restaurant, a unique SATIRIKON art bar, and a fine RESERVE wine bar;
  • Availability of winter garden if you want to have a memorable photo session or set a buffet table;
  • The presence of the author’s entertainment program “The Singing Waiters”, which will enrich the celebration and please the guests;
  • The availability of fully equipped rooms that meet the modern needs and requirements, where your guests from other cities can spend the night and children, parents, mothers with babies or pregnant women can rest and recover during the long celebration.

Besides the remarkable interiors of the hotel complex, you may also appreciate the professional complex service. Delicious dishes are prepared for you by a team of top chefs led by Chef Dmitry Pirogov. Our in-house pastry shop is at your service for the preparation of exclusive desserts. If you want to sip elite cocktails, you can do it at the only place in the city ‒ in the SATIRIKON art bar.

But that’s not all! BANKHOTEL also has a spa area, a beauty salon, and a gym. This is an interesting idea if you want to celebrate your birthday in Lviv for adults, but first experience incredible pleasure from the SPA and beauty treatments, improve your wellness and work out. Here is what available for you:

  • Visiting the sauna (steam, Finnish);
  • Visiting massage sessions conducted by professional massage therapist Vladimir Shevchun;
  • Beauty menu with the services of hairdressers, nail masters, makeup artists;
  • A gym with modern equipment for performing effective workouts in any direction.

Another advantage of BANKHOTEL is the possibility of arranging an unforgettable holiday for your child. Therefore, when choosing this business hotel, you can stop worrying about where to celebrate a child’s birthday in Lviv. Experienced staff will help you organize interesting workshops or even intellectual quests and invite photographers or animators. Professional cooks will prepare a special high-quality menu with incredibly delicious food and drinks for children.

“Andersen” Restaurant

This is a place where you can have a good time with your family or a small group of friends. The cozy atmosphere promotes friendly communication. The restaurant has 3 halls where you can order a birthday party, as well as a summer terrace if the event takes place during a hot season. The delicious dishes are selected from the finest European cuisine.

“Bosfor” Restaurant

The charming interior of the restaurant will please the guests at your party. In total, the hall can accommodate up to 100 people. Live music plays until 10 pm and guests have the option of paying for additional music services. Among the menu specialties, there are grilled dishes and alcoholic drinks of the restaurant’s production with different flavors.

“De Luxe” Restaurant

This restaurant features not only a banquet hall but also a dance and entertainment room, a karaoke room for singing your favorite songs, a lounge area and a VIP lounge where you can relax in a cozy atmosphere, as well as a summer playground.

“Odeon” Pub&Restaurant

This restaurant combines an ART pub, a karaoke club, a DISCO HALL, and a showroom. Odeon specializes in entertainment, so the active leisure lovers spend their free time here. At the guests’ service are:

  • Spectacular nightlife with dancing, singing, performances by dancers and show-men, MS and DJs;
  • Private dancing from the Show Bar beauties;
  • A karaoke bar with backing vocalists, a song base with thousands of popular songs, both domestic and foreign;
  • Stylish English pub;
  • Delicious restaurant menu.

Of course, these 5 restaurants are not the only ones in Lviv. You can always choose another venue, given the location, the associated services and menus, the design and area of the halls, and the cost of celebrating your birthday. But when choosing a BANKHOTEL hotel, you don’t have to decide where to celebrate your birthday in Lviv with your friends, family or loved one, because it can be arranged in the best possible way on the territory of a luxury hotel complex.

Where to celebrate teenager’s birthday in Lviv? 

In addition to the comfortable, stylish and trendy SAFE restaurant at BANKHOTEL, you can have an unforgettable birthday party in other places that specialize in active entertainment. There are several popular locations in Lviv.

“ESCAPE QUEST” Quest-location

A place that incorporates several quest rooms with various programs, among which it’s easy to choose entertainment for the company of adults and children of all ages. At your disposal are 8 interesting entertaining locations for every taste with themed interiors and modern equipment.

“Lviv South District” Entertainment center

If you don’t want to celebrate the birthday of a teenager banally, then use the services of the LSD Entertainment Center. You will be offered an original script, quests, board games, be able to watch your favorite cartoons or movies in a private movie theater, play games at PlayStation and X-box 360, have pizza, French fries, and drinks.

“QUEST GROUND” Gaming Complex

Team games connoisseurs will never refuse to celebrate their birthday in this game complex! On the territory of “QUEST GROUND,” there is a simulator of Sea Battle game BattleRoom. The “Pirates Against the Empire” game takes place in a special equipment room. There are also quest-rooms in the center.

The only inconvenience is the lack of a kitchen. Therefore, if you choose this place for your birthday, then you should take care of the guests ‒ bring food and drinks with you, order or use the catering services.

Birthday in Lviv for a baby

To choose where to celebrate your baby’s first birthday in Lviv or to spend a holiday for a child attending kindergarten or primary school, you need to consider the maximum convenience of the place and the quality of service. It should be noted that toddlers need more attention, a special menu, comfort and sometimes rest during the event. Therefore, when deciding where to celebrate your baby’s 5th birthday in Lviv or where to spend your baby’s first birthday, you can always book a restaurant at the BANKHOTEL Hotel.


You are offered the most popular, most needed related services and the best conditions, including:

  • Pleasant interiors, the most comfortable furniture, baby seats if necessary;
  • Preparation of dietary baby dishes that are attractive, delicious, and nutritious at the same time;
  • Preparation of milkshakes, fresh drinks, smoothies, and other popular baby drinks;
  • Creating incredible desserts from our workshop;
  • The possibility of inviting professional animators, magicians, show-men to host a celebration program;
  • Creating a photo area and inviting photographers to not only keep good memories but also take great photos or even record videos;
  • The possibility of relaxation for toddlers and mothers in the cozy apartments of a 5-star business hotel.

Also, when choosing where to celebrate your baby’s birthday in Lviv in the summer, you can use the buffet area. If necessary, the hotel’s team will arrange a secure transfer of children by providing child car seats in the car according to the age of each child.

Of course, in addition to the SAFE restaurant located in BANKHOTEL, you can choose from a variety of cafes, quest rooms, locations for workshops, entertainment centers to organize your children’s birthday party. The services that are always available for guests and residents of the city: “Veselka” Center, “Maniunia” and “Veselyi Vulyk”, “Lys Mykyta” and “Dyvokrai” Club, “VR Port” and “VR Cube”  Virtual Reality Clubs, “Eureka” Interactive Museum.