If you are going to successfully organize a corporate event, you should take care of many important things, including the location of the seminar, presentation, conference, or a fashion show.

The properly chosen location ensures comfort, maximum convenience, practicality and high efficiency of the planned event.

To decide where to hold a conference in Lviv, you should choose a date, count the number of people who will participate in the event, choose the furniture and seating arrangement, the types of equipment needed. Then, knowing the basic requirements for the room, you can order the optimal location, interior design, as well as additional equipment.

Today, Lviv offers many interesting and advantageous locations that meet the requirements of corporate events. Among the most popular are the modern hotel and restaurant complexes such as “BANKHOTEL”, “Taurus City”, “Rafael”, “Ramada Lviv”, “Buhta Vikingiv”. You can choose any place to suit your needs and wishes.

Conferences: Where to hold and how to organize it in Lviv?

Not sure how to hold a scientific conference? Planning to organize a serious event with many guests and looking for the right location? Check out the offers from BANKHOTEL. You can use a huge congress hall to hold scientific or Internet conferences in a Business Hotel at the historical center of Lviv. 

Congress Hall Location – the best place for holding conferences

Due to special partitions, the spacious Congress Hall can be easily divided into 7 separate halls with an area of 30 sq. m. each. At the same time, you can book a hall of the required area (up to 500 sq. m.) with all the necessary amenities, which can accommodate from 12 to 270 people. For the conference, seminar, presentation, master class or any other event to be successful, BANKHOTEL offers comprehensive services that may include:

  • Providing the necessary modern technology (large screens, projectors, microphones, etc.), access to the wireless Internet;
  • Assistance with organizational matters (inviting photographers, video operators, accommodating overnight guests at the hotel, shuttle service);
  • Organizing coffee breaks, buffet tables, candy bars, business lunches to prepare the most delicious author’s dishes or traditional treats.

Among the most significant advantages of the Congress Hall are:

  • Stylish designer interiors;
  • Availability of comfortable furniture (tables, chairs, armchairs);
  • Different formats of space zoning (round table, theater, classroom);
  • Professional restaurant service;
  • Full-fledged equipping with modern technology, work supplies;
  • Availability of efficient air-conditioning and heating systems;
  • Good acoustics.

How to hold an Internet conference or a scientific event offline?

If you book a hall in the BANKHOTEL, you will have no problems choosing the best location. You will be provided with unlimited high-quality Wi-Fi and a large screen for video communication during your Internet conference. If you need to set up an offline event, you will have to spend more time taking care of the main organizational details.

The format (conference, seminar, presentation, master class, congress) and the date of the meeting are determined based on the purpose of the event. Next, you need to think carefully about how to organize the seminar step by step and follow these stages:

  1. Recruit participants through advertising, individual invitations, e-mail campaigns;
  2. Prepare multimedia and printed materials;
  3. Prepare handouts (event program, questionnaires, badges, check-lists, notepads for notes, pens, etc.);
  4. Order a thematic banner for advertising the event, creating a photo zone;
  5. Create an organizing committee to provide all the necessary assistance during the event (event manager, technical administrator, a specialist at the registration desk with an assistant to handle possible emergencies, coordinating person who meets and escorts guests to the venue);
  6. Invite a photographer, video operator;
  7. Order the necessary food and drinks based on the duration of the event.

Please note that BANKHOTEL Business Hotel staff can assist you with meeting guests, preparing and serving delicious meals, beverages, providing shuttle services across Lviv or from the airport, train station.

Seminar: Peculiarities of the event

Congress Hall is the perfect option for seminar events. Typically, such an event involves one lecturer or speaker. The specialist of the chosen field provides guests with practical information within certain expertise, betting on professional or work insights, as well as presenting their own work, experience, best practices, professional advice. If this is a conference, then there can be several speakers and each of them can cover an individually selected topic.

If you carefully think through the entire seminar from the idea to start, you will get rid of unforeseen troubles, be able to prepare everything you need, arrange the most comfortable conditions for each invited person, and make the meeting interesting and useful. What should you pay more attention to and double-check before the event starts? Here are the key things:

  • Availability of good technical equipment (flipcharts, projectors, screens, microphones, laptops);
  • The presence of the necessary cables, extension cords, adapters for Mac;
  • Quality of sound transmission to speakers;
  • Quality of picture and other multimedia files depiction through the projector;
  • Availability of new markers for flipcharts;
  • The presence of small stationery items (adhesive tape, scissors, paper, pens, paper clips, etc.).

Where to hold a training session in Lviv?

Today, one of the most popular corporate events in the field of education is training – a form of group work that ensures the active participation and creative interaction of all participants with the lecturer and with each other. You can always conduct an effective training session on any topic by renting a large or compact hall in Congress Hall. The duration of the event may vary – from 2-3 hours to several days. If necessary, guests of the event will be able to stay with maximum comfort in the apartments of the BANKHOTEL Business Hotel.

Organization of a presentation 

Those who know what is a presentation and how to conduct a presentation will only need to contact the managers and book the hall for a specific date and time. You can also arrange for the provision of related organizational services. 

The presentation format involves familiarization with a given theme (product, services). Usually, it encompasses a visual demonstration of information, a speech, or a lecture, to persuade the participants in something or inform them. How do you organize a corporate event related to presentation format? The basic requirements are as follows:

  • Availability of a large screen, projector for visual demonstration;
  • Inviting lecturers/speakers who are the experts in the subject;
  • Preparation of the program, slides, speeches;
  • Preparation of handouts (statistical tables, references, questionnaires, brochures, etc.);
  • Preparation of small stationery items.

How to organize a seminar, presentation, conference, or another corporate event without force majeure situations?

Of course, any corporate event needs careful preparation. Most of the time, no poorly organized event takes place without unpleasant inconveniences – there is always a “weak spot”. To avoid confusion, unnecessary expenses, and make the event as successful as possible, weigh all the details, take into account even the smallest moments and do not put off many organizational matters for the last moment.

Also, experienced professionals recommend:

  • Do not scrimp on treats for the event participants, especially if the event lasts more than 3-4 hours;
  • Arrive at the venue of the seminar or conference earlier (1.5-2 hours before the start) and open check-in if one of the guests arrives from another city, directly from the airport or train station;
  • Leave a coordinator at the entrance to the building;
  • Let the event participants in as they arrive, not all at once (do not create unnecessary crowding);
  • Calculate in advance the required number of chairs and make sure there is enough for each guest.

Also, corporate event specialists recommend not to keep the participants busy without any breaks for long periods. If the presentation, workshop, or seminar is supposed to take all day, you will need at least 1-2 coffee breaks and 1 lunch. Keep in mind that the information delivered in the last hours of the event no longer captivates people’s attention and is not remembered as well.

The breaks necessary for rest and entertainment will be easily organized by the managers of the BANKHOTEL Business Hotel. Exclusive author’s meals or traditional treats for buffet tables and business lunches, snacks, desserts, and drinks will be prepared under the direction of the leading chef Dmitry Pirogov. If needed, after the event, the guests can continue interesting communication in the “SAFE” restaurant, “RESERVE” wine bar, or “SATIRIKON” art bar. The guests that came to the west from other cities or even from other countries will comfortably relax in the luxurious apartments of a modern five-star hotel in Lviv.