If you want to have a good weekend in Lviv, there are plenty of interesting and convenient places.

Depending on what kind of vacation you are looking for, you can visit museums, take a guided tour or visit a quest room, art bar or wine bar, daydream and relax at the spa and then end the evening with a romantic dinner in a stylish restaurant with the author’s cuisine, cozy atmosphere, and nice music.

Due to the many offers for active or relaxing rest, you will always find a place in Lviv to have a good time with your family, girlfriend or wife, and with a fun company of your best friends. It can be several places or a single location – for example, you can choose the modern European business hotel BANKHOTEL for your interesting weekend vacation.

This hotel is located in the center of the historic part of the city, in a building that used to be owned by the Austro-Hungarian Bank and was later renovated by professional architects and leading designers. BANKHOTEL is an ideal place for any quality holiday, as it has comfortable apartments with modern designs, a wine bar and a unique art bar, restaurant, conference rooms, as well as a spa, a beauty salon, and a gym.

Once you are in this hotel, you can stop worrying about where to spend a romantic evening in Lviv or have a good time and enjoy your weekend with your nears and dears, children and friends. BANKHOTEL has created all the necessary conditions for relaxation with your loved ones, it employs qualified specialists and provides the highest level of services.

An interesting evening with friends in Lviv

While choosing where to go in the evening in Lviv, you should decide first whether you want to have an active rest or prefer to sit in a cozy atmosphere, eat and enjoy your favorite drinks, dance or watch some entertainment program. Then, depending on your wishes, you can go to the right place.

Bars and restaurants

For guests and residents of the city, there are theme bars and restaurants of Lviv, where you can enjoy stylish interiors, delicious food and drinks. So, for an interesting evening, choose the following locations:

  • A very cozy RESERVE wine bar or SATIRIKON creative art bar at BANKHOTEL;
  • Gastronomic bar “Dim Lehend” (“House of Legends”), which has 7 floors;
  • A restaurant, which is also a real museum “Gasova Liampa” (“Kerosene Lamp”);
  • “Kryivka” restaurant in the city center on Rynok Square, the interior of which resembles a Ukrainian Insurgent Army military bunker;
  • Cafe “Masoch” with the atmosphere corresponding to the works of the famous writer;
  • Restaurant with Jewish cuisine “Pid Zolotoiu Rozoiu” (“Under the Golden Rose”);
  • Restaurant with own brewery “Kumpel”;
  • Creative “Trapezna Idei” (“Refectory of Ideas”).

Of course, this list of places is not complete and you can always visit many other restaurants, bars or cafes. But judging from the reviews, these locations are really good for the vacation in any company.

Romantic evening with a girlfriend in Lviv

When choosing a place for a romantic dinner with your beloved girlfriend or wife, you probably want to find yourself in a cozy restaurant with a stylish interior, which would be rich in all kinds of delicious food and drinks. So, where to go with your girlfriend in the evening in Lviv so that you would remember this moment and both of you could enjoy it? You can consider some interesting suggestions, including:

  • The elegant SAFE restaurant, which is also located in BANKHOTEL, where one of the best contemporary chefs is cooking for you;
  • Cozy “Restoratziya Bachevskykh” (“Bachevsky Restaurant”);
  • The restaurant, the interior of which reminds a British pub – “Chorhyi Kit” (“The Black Cat”).

If you choose the SAFE restaurant in the BANKHOTEL business hotel, you and your partner are sure to be pleasantly surprised by the cozy atmosphere of the designer interior, which is successfully complemented by:

  • Rich assortment of dishes of the author’s cuisine by Dmitry Pirogov;
  • Exquisite desserts from the pastry shop;
  • An amazing wine list, which includes at least 270 best drinks and an alcohol list with offers from around the world;
  • Beautiful jazz music – both contemporary compositions and the ones created at the beginning of the 20th century.

The first art bar in Lviv

Do you want to surprise your girlfriend? Then invite her to the original SATIRIKON art bar, which opened at BANKHOTEL and welcomes visitors with stylish interiors and cocktails. In SATIRIKON, contemporary art is wonderfully combined with bar traditions and exquisite intellectual humor, which is reflected not only in interior design but also in the names of the author’s cocktails.

So, visit the first SATIRIKON art bar in Lviv to see exhibitions of cartoonists and enjoy refined cocktails, including:

  • ONE MORE fruit and alcoholic mix with spicy rum, coconut liqueur, and pear puree;
  • BLOODY MARY with vodka, infused with garlic and brown bread;
  • REDNECK SOUR, which uses corn whiskey;
  • NOTHING with bourbon;
  • COCO CHANEL with champagne, absinthe and more.

The offered cocktails are created by a team of leading bartenders, so they have a distinct taste and quality. You can choose any delicious drink to fully enjoy a romantic dinner.

How to spend a weekend with family in Lviv?

A family holiday in Lviv for the weekend is an important event for many people, which can be easily arranged by visiting the BANKHOTEL Hotel Complex. Please note – you have a wide choice of comfortable rooms of the desired class to stay: Standard, Standard Superior, Junior Suite, Premier Lux Suite, and even the luxurious Presidential Suite. Apartments have the following advantages:

  • Exclusive interiors created by professional designers;
  • Functional and comfortable space zoning;
  • The most comfortable furniture, modern bathroom fixtures;
  • High quality of service;
  • Finishes made of environmentally friendly materials.

In addition to the sophisticated rooms at the hotel for your family vacation, there are:

  • Original dishes and favorite beverages to try at the bar or restaurant;
  • Family brunch on Sundays (unlimited buffet and coffee, natural fresh fruit, marbled meat, champagne with oysters);
  • A gym with the best equipment for effective and safe training;
  • Comfortable spa area;
  • Beauty salon.

You can relax while enjoying good interiors, professional service, delicious meals, as well as a sauna or a gym. If you want to have a great family vacation, be sure to visit Brunch (Breakfast and Lunch), the original weekend breakfast for relaxing with your family and enjoying good food with your favorite drinks.

Spa, massages, beauty salons and fitness

Particularly noteworthy is the spa area, located in the beauty salon of the “BANKHOTEL”. It offers steam and Finnish sauna with Italian equipment. You can take advantage of the opportunity to relax, recover, take care of your own beauty and well-being by visiting the sauna.

Also, a professional and experienced massage therapist, Volodymyr Shevchun, who has more than 15 years of experience, is waiting for you at the SPA and offering the following types of massage:

  • Rehabilitation massage;
  • Wellness massage;
  • Sports massage;
  • Sculpting massage;
  • Relaxation massage;
  • Face and body care massage.

The type of massage is chosen for each guest individually, taking into account personal preferences and features of their health. It is necessary to pay attention to the signs, the presence of which requires attending massages:

  • Pain that emerges in the lower back or neck;
  • Discomfort, pain during sleep;
  • Insomnia;
  • Headache;
  • Feeling of discomfort while driving;
  • Stress;
  • Depressive states;
  • Fast and constant fatigue;
  • Productivity loss.

Visiting the spa and the massage area will not only be very enjoyable for you and your loved ones but also beneficial for your health.

If you want to bring your beauty to perfection,  “BANKHOTEL BEAUTY” can also help you. Relax, rejuvenate and take care of your unique look using the services of a beauty salon. The beauty center menu includes:

  • Hairdressing services for women and men;
  • Hair coloring;
  • Professional makeup;
  • Nail aesthetics (manicure, pedicure, nail extension, and correction).

For those who play sports and wants to stay fit, the 5th floor of the business hotel offers a gym with modern equipment:

  • Treadmills;
  • Ellipsoids (orbitracks);
  • Exercise bikes;
  • Steppers;
  • Stretching machines;
  • Multi gym machines;
  • Rowing machines.

You can choose machines and combine sports exercises according to your fitness level and individual characteristics. If you need, there are professional trainers at your service, who will always help you to determine in which mode to train, what types of exercises to choose for better workout efficiency and which fitness machines are best for you.

Where to go in Lviv if you’re looking for fun and entertainment?

You can stay in the hotel complex “BANKHOTEL” with maximum comfort and convenience, and enjoy all the services offered. Also, to brighten up your leisure, you can stroll through the cozy streets of the city, visit interesting museums and quest rooms. For example, children would be interested in:

  • Pharmacy-museum;
  • Secret pharmacy;
  • Arsenal (museums of weapons);
  • Museums of photo illusions;
  • Toy museum;
  • Yard of lost toys;
  • Museum of Natural History.

You also have the opportunity to go on a tour through the dungeons with a visit to the monasteries basements and ancient houses, the Jesuit Church. This original excursion will be an interesting journey in time and it will give you unforgettable emotions.

Quests for adults and children, master classes

If you want to spend time in search of adventure with family, children, friends, you can choose to visit adventurous and intellectual quest rooms, culinary or creative workshops that are constantly held in different locations. These can be:

  • SAFE restaurant at BANKHOTEL Hotel;
  • Lviv Chocolate Workshop;
  • Gingerbread shop;
  • Caramel workshop and others.

Lviv parks

The incredibly beautiful parks located in Lviv can also be great fun. You can choose the Stryi Park with its impressive garden architecture or the Znesinniya Park near Shevchenkivsky Hay. In winter, you can enjoy walks in the snowy alleys, and in the summer – have a picnic on one of the hills.

Observation platforms

To see Lviv in all its glory, you can also visit various viewing spots. For tourists and locals, the following locations are available:

  • Vysokyi Zamok (High Castle);
  • Ratusha (City Hall Tower);
  • Church of St. Olga and Elizabeth;
  • Lysa Hora (Bold Mountain or Lion the Prince’s Mountain);
  • Citadel observation platform.

Water park

Another interesting entertainment in Lviv is the “Pliazh” (“Beach”) water park, which is one of the largest in Western Ukraine. Locals and visitors especially enjoy visiting the water park in the fall, winter or spring, when the lack of heat and sunshine makes you dream of relaxing at sea. Please note that in the water park you can not only have a good time but also benefit from playing sports and visiting spa treatments.

Entertainmnet centers

If you have kids with you during the vacation, you may want to have fun at the special centers. For this purpose, there are modern entertainment centers in Lviv, including “Dyvokrai” (“Wonderland”), “Dytiacha Planeta” (“Children’s Planet”), “Veselyi Vulyk” (“Merry Beehive”), “Veselka” (“Rainbow”).

After an active vacation, you and your companions will definitely need a delicious meal and a rest. Therefore, you can always come to the BANKHOTEL hotel, counting on high quality of service, fine and exquisite dishes and drinks, the opportunity to stay in a comfortable room.

To book a table at the SAFE Restaurant, the RESERVE Wine Bar, or the SATIRIKON Art Bar, contact the hotel’s managers in a convenient way. You can also book apartments that fully meet all your wishes and requirements so that you can stay in Lviv comfortably. Convenient shuttle services are available for hotel guests when needed.