The BANKHOTEL Art & Congress Hall always has the spirit of art: it hovers in the air, it permeates the walls of the hotel. Every element, the smallest detail is here in this form, not just like that, everything has its meaning and idea. In addition to being a majestic museum, an architectural monument with a history, the hotel itself also features two art objects on a permanent basis: “Banknotes and Shahs” and “Coins”. As well as the art bar SATIRIKON of the hotel, whose guests have the opportunity not only to enjoy the author’s cocktails, but also to visit exhibitions of works by the most prominent cartoonists of Ukraine.

This season, the art bar presents an exhibition of works by Anatoliy Vasylenko, the father of domestic comics. Inspired by his work, the owner of BANKHOTEL, Vyacheslav Yutkin, together with the chief architect of the hotel Viktor Kudin joined the publication of an album of selected caricatures of the legendary Ukrainian artist Anatoliy Vasylenko entitled “Anatoliy Vasylenko. Anthology of Ukrainian Caricature / Part Two. ” His works are a documentary film of the Ukrainian people, with its humor, fears, superstitions and joys. The album is a continuation of the Anthology of Ukrainian Caricature.

Books will be available in gift shops throughout the hotel, as well as in the suites. Thank you again for participating in the project:

Vyacheslav Yutkin, owner of BANKHOTEL;

Viktor Kudin, Chairman of the Archigum Cartoonists Club, Honored Architect of Ukraine and Chief Architect of BANKHOTEL;

Dasha Tsapenko, social designer and curator; and Anatoliy Vasylenko, the author of all these invaluable shots of the life of the Ukrainian people for a direct, artistic, special vision of this universe.